Fourth River Vol. 3 – Ley Line by Justin Hopper

The third edition of The Contraphonic Sound Series exploration of Pittsburgh.

Fourth River Vol. 3: Ley Line comes courtesy of UK-based, Pittsburgh-bred poet Justin Hopper. Through sound and poems, Hopper leads the listener on a spectral psychogeographic journey to a Pittsburgh ley line via a transatlantic walk from the Bonny Bows of London to the Banks of the Ohio.


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Listen here:

Concept, writing and direction by Justin Hopper; images by Lisa Toboz.

Music features: “Falling Banks” by The Belbury Poly ;”All in One” by Host Skull;“The Pull as the Wind Bellows” by David Bernabo. Field recordings, found sound and other effects recorded by Justin Hopper and realized by Jim Jupp. Featuring Shirley Collins.