Little Hell Vol. 5 – Shadows from South Deering by Elk Magic

The fifth edition of The Contraphonic Sound Series exploration of Chicago.

Little Hell Vol. 5 – Shadows from South Deering is a sound illustration of the industrial desolation yet cultural and social vibrancy of Chicago’s South Deering neighborhood from Elk Magic, aka Raffaele Stuparitz. Elk Magic paints South Deering in a contemporary lens as a neighborhood still brimming with life and opportunity, combining subdued dance-ready beats, electronic pulses and ominous keyboard rhythms. The field recordings within the piece speak to the neighborhood’s present, as a series of mechanical and percussive gurgles that underscore the music serve as an ever-present reflection of South Deering’s past.

Booklet text and images by Ben Schulman.


Download booklet here.

Listen here: