Little Hell Vol 6. – The Indian Boundary Line. Film by Thomas Comerford. Original Score by Tobin Summerfield

The sixth edition of The Contraphonic Sound Series exploration of Chicago.

Little Hell Vol. 6 – The Indian Boundary Line is Contraphonic’s first-ever DVD release, a film from Chicago-based filmmaker and musician Thomas Comerford. The Indian Boundary Line follows a road in Chicago that traces the 1816 Treaty of St. Louis boundary between the United States and “Indian Territory.” In doing so, it examines the collision between the vernacular landscape, with its storefronts, short-cut footpaths and picnic tables, and the symbolic one, replete with historical markers, statues, and fences. Through its observations and audio-visual juxtapositions,The Indian Boundary Line meditates on a span of land in Chicago about 12 miles long, but suggests how this land and its history are an index for the shifting inhabitants, relationships, boundaries and ideas of landscape — as well as the consequences — which have accompanied the transformation of the “New World.”

This volume was released as a special edition of the film featuring the movie, a digital audio release of the score and an accompanying booklet. The score was composed by Never Enough Hope bandleader and composer Tobin Summerfield, as performed by him, drummer Frank Rosaly and Pillars & Tongues’ frontman Mark Trecka. The booklet featured essays from Tom McCormack, Christy LeMaster and Michael Phillips, Jr.

This full edition is no longer available. Download the booklet, listen to the score and watch excerpts of the film below.

Contact Thomas Comerford to obtain a copy of the film.


Download booklet here.

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