About Us


Contraphonic, Inc. is an independent music and media company based out of Chicago, Illinois. Since its inception in May of 2007, Contraphonic has established itself as a unique and growing entity, working with some of the finest artists in the musical landscape today, such as noted composer Tobin Summerfield and his 20-piece ensemble Never Enough Hope, avant-garde trio Pillars & Tongues, legendary producer Martin Bisi, Pronto (the solo project of Mikael Jorgensen from Wilco), and a host of eclectic and eccentric others.

Contraphonic, Inc. is also the creator and curator of the Contraphonic Chicago Sound Series, a history-based project that aims to aurally illustrate the historic and modern mechanisms of the City of Chicago. The Sound Series is comprised of two distinct elements: The field recordings and sound pieces in “A Lot You Got to Holler” give a glimpse of the different worlds and elements that make up Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods. The second part of the series, entitled “Little Hell,” brings together Chicago-based musicians and artists to create works that focus on a particular place, event, neighborhood, or moment across Chicago’s broad history. The end result is a portrait of Chicago through the medium of sound.

in early 2022 we started creating and publishing product reviews to our visitors to purchase the right items in the music industry.